TV Writer-Producer

Since 1987, Rick Reid has written and produced thousands of on-air promos for several broadcast TV stations, national TV networks and video streaming services including Starz, Encore, MoviePlex, Vongo and TNN.  Rick has also created entertainment TV news segments, marketing videos, commercials, public service announcements and a network TV documentary special.

As his schedule allows, Rick also provides a wide range of media consulting and production services on a freelance basis. Contact him for details.

Please note: These videos are presented here as work samples from Rick Reid's professional portfolio.  The content includes trademarks, servicemarks, copyrighted materials and works-for-hire that are the intellectual property of other parties.  Any unauthorized duplication, downloading, hyperlinking or re-use is prohibited.  


2012-2016 Promos

2012-2016 Promos

An assortment of movie previews and network brand image promos created for Starz Entertainment. Rick wrote all of the scripts and supervised post-production.

"The Take" movie news 2015

"The Take" Movie News 2015

Two news packages for the movies "Vacation" and "Pan" that were broadcast in Starz networks' entertainment news series "The Take."  Rick conducted the interviews at movie studio press junkets in Los Angeles and supervised post-production.

"Starz Studios" Highlights


"Starz Studios" Seasons 1 & 2 Highlights

Rick co-created the "Starz Studios" entertainment news series and produced  motr than 30 episodes during its first two years on the air. The show ran on the Starz TV networks,, Netflix and some cable TV system barker channels. This clip reel features portions of some of Rick's news and feature packages for the show. He field produced, conducted interviews, wrote and directed voiceover narration and supervised post-production.

2007-2008 promos & interviews

2007-2008 Promos & Interviews

An assortment of movie previews, press junket interviews and related productions for Starz Entertainment.  Rick wrote all scripts, conducted all interviews and supervised post-production. He also performed voiceover narration on the Alice Cooper promo.

Fast Forward - RoboCop Trilogy

Fast Forward: RoboCop Trilogy

This Starz On Demand extra feature takes elements of the original three RoboCop movies to create a new TV commercial parody. Rick wrote the script, supervised post-production and collaborated on the graphic design.

TNN Promos 1996-1998

TNN Promos 1996-1998

An assortment of TV on-air promos for TNN, a basic cable network focused on country music and rural lifestyles.  Rick supervised post-production and wrote all of the scripts except for the Dukes of Hazzard jingle lyrics. He also composed and recorded the instrumental backing music for By George Week.

MClad Cabinet Panels

MClad™ Cabinet Panels 

Rick created this website video for Front Range Cabinets of Denver and Goldberg Brothers. He performed all production tasks including the voiceover narration. 

Goldberg Brothers Soft Stop


Goldberg Brothers Soft Stop

Rick was videographer and voiceover talent for this website video.

Goldberg Brothers at CinemaCon 2012

CinemaCon 2012 Web News Video

Rick produced this news package for an entertainment news blog. He performed all production tasks including the voiceover narration.

History of Goldberg Brothers Film Reels


 History of Goldberg Brothers Film Reels

Rick wrote and produced this entertainment news story for "Starz Studios" in 2010.