Electronic Musician

Rick Reid is an avid composer and performer of original and experimental electronic music and sound effects.  His musical creations have been heard in live theater productions, web videos, several TV commercials and on a promo for a national cable TV network.  Upcoming projects include music for a sci-fi feature film and a feature-length documentary. Rick plays and records with a wide range of acoustic and electronic instruments including synthesizers, theremins, stylophones, melodicas, guitars and other instruments and devices too numerous and/or bizarre to list.  

Many of Rick's musical creations can be streamed for free at BandCamp, SoundCloud and YouTube.  To inquire about licensing his music for video, film or other media productions, send Rick an email.

In addition to recording, Rick occasionally performs in music venues around Denver and Boulder, Colorado.  

Phlogiston Theory's Waterphonics 1 album cover art

Rick's 2018 album, Waterphonics 1,  released under Rick's performance pseudonym "Phlogiston Theory,"  is a trio of electronically processed recordings of a Turtle Drums Grand Whalophone brand waterphone, a hollow metal percussion instrument that is partially filled with water and played with a cello bow or various drumsticks, mallets and brushes. 

Available at: BandCamp.com 

Moth to a Flame album cover art

Rick's 2017 album, Moth to a Flame,  released under Rick's performance pseudonym "Phlogiston Theory,"  is a compilation of improvisational recordings made between Summer 2016 and Autumn 2017. Most of the recordings were created with modular synthesizers that self-generate musical patterns via control voltage manipulation. There are also some dark, sinister drones created with theremins and other assorted instruments.

Available at: BandCamp.com 

Calculated Risk album art

Rick's 2015 album, Calculated Risk, is a compilation of improvisational recordings that cultivate elements of chance introduced by various audio and control voltage processing devices.  Several of the tracks were created almost exclusively with Moog moogerfooger effects pedals.  Other tracks feature a Moog Slim Phatty, a Moog Theremini and a vintage Hammond E-111 tone wheel organ.

Available at: BandCamp.com 

Rick's 2013 release, Moon Cheese and Other Delights,  is a compilation of soundtrack, ambient and experimental electronic music recordings.   

Available at: BandCamp.com


Rick's first album-length release, Boulder Suite: Improvisations for Theremin, Drums & Devices, is a 2010 live-to-disc collaboration with percussionist Rolf Gunnar Hauge.

Available at: BandCamp.com